On the morning of Feb 3, 2011, Winston had 3 siezures. Not knowing the cause, he was taken to Michigan State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital emergency room. When he arrived he was limp and appeared to be on the verge of another siezure.

To our relief, he was quickly stabilized by the doctors. Subsequent testing showed that Winston had a brain tumor. Since he was in good health otherwise, we decided to give him low dose radiation treatment.

The treatment was given every weekday for 19 days. Before he started treatment, he was wobbling around the house and couldn't sleep well. His vision was poor and he would tip over trying to eat.

His treatment was completed on March 10th and now he is doing much better.  He is able to jump again and can sleep better.  It's nice to be greeted by an excited Winston again!

We would like to thank all the doctors, students and staff who treated and took care of Winston at Michigan State University over the past month.  Your knowledge and caring has given Winston a better quality of life and more time for us to enjoy together!

Winston Home
Winston arrives back home!
(Sophie & Webster can barely sit still for the photo)

Michigan State Logo
Winston sleeping
Winston enjoying a nice quiet nap on his first day back home
Winston and Sophie
 Winston shows he is glad to see Sophie by licking her
Survive cancer
Charm from the Michigan State Veterinary Oncology Center
Winston has finished his treatment.
Michigan State Bandana
Thank you Michigan State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for helping me feel better!

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