Webster has been selected to be on a Michigan Lottery $1 scratch off ticket called "Lucky Dog"!

It went on Sale April 10, 2006

7 dogs were selected out of over a thousand.

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Latest Update

   Webster's ticket is sold out and the game has ended.  We have had a lot of fun while it lasted.  Webster would go into some of the stores to buy his ticket.  The people in the stores couldn't believe that they met the "Lucky Dog".  This was especially fun to do at stores in the middle of nowhere such as on Drummond Island.  Webster did go to Lansing to the lottery office to meet the people that helped make him famous.

        The lottery office did inform us that Webster's picture was on one of the $5000 winning tickets.  I bet Webster made that person very happy!

Webster outside the Michigan Lottery office in Lansing, Michigan.
There was a Lucky Dog display in the lobby.
The lottery office was glad to meet Webster.
Webster with the Lucky Dog display.
Webster buying his ticket in "Greek Town", Detroit.
We even found Webster's ticket at the Tiger's baseball game.





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