Ginger's Story

    Ginger is a boston terrier that we were fostering but we have decided to keep.  She was rescued when she was 7 years old from a Missouri puppy mill where she lived in a cage her whole life.  She was in rough shape when she came to us.  She was so malnourished that we thought she was brindle, but in fact her hair was brown from a lack of pigment.  The incision from an operation to remove a cist had opened up and we had to have that stitched up which meant wearing a cone her first weeks with us.

    It has been a hard struggle working with her but the results have been very gratifying.  Now she has shiny, completely black hair.  She gets along with Winston, Webster and the cats.  She is also house broken, although she still has a mistake once in a while.  She stays in a smaller room during the day because she is crate trained and that room is small enough so that she won't mess in it.

    Along the way she had gone to three homes to be adopted but it hasn't worked out.  We decided not to put her and us through the adoption process any more and she is now a permanent member of the family.

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Ginger's first Christmas in a home. She is in the middle with all the toys. She could not believe how many toys were opened and she played until she was exhausted.





Dad has his lap full.  Ginger is in his left arm.

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