On Tuesday, September 6, 2011, our Winston passed away.  Ironically he didn't lose his battle with a brain tumor which you can read about here.  He passed away from a mass on his heart and an infection.  It was a shock to us because the radiation was still working on his brain tumor and it had been shrinking.  But it's not important exactly what happened, it just meant it was his time to go.
     We wanted to post the pictures and video below to remember him.  But what we will remember most can't be captured here.  The way he would greet everyone with 2 paws up and a happy face.  If you weren't careful you might get bounced in the nose from his excitement.  At the park when other dogs were busy playing with each other and sniffing the trees, Winston would walk around until he said hello to all the people.  Children that were crying on the street would stop and smile at him.  They would stroke his ears and point at his funny tail.  If he was sad, you might see a tear roll down his face and when his siblings were in trouble he would run to their defense.  Then at the end of the day he would curl up in Sandie's arms where he slept every night, with his head on the pillow.
     Even near the end he remained tuff.  He battled with his brain tumor and even if his body wouldn't let him express it, we could see the kindness and love for life he had.  He made many friends at the Michigan State veterinary teaching hospital where he was being treated.  We were glad he introduced us to so many caring people who helped and stayed with him until the very end.  He was also cared for and kept healthy his whole life by his friends at Animal Medical Center.
     We had a lot of fun our last summer together and became as close as ever with all the special attention he needed. 
Click here to see our fun summer 2011 pictures.  It's hard to move on without him but that is what must be done.  He would have wanted us to keep up his spirit of kindness and love.
Click on the video below to see Winston swimming, playing ball and trying to catch black walnuts. 

You can click on the buttons at the bottom to see it full screen or at a higher resolution.


Winston arrives!!!  The little puppy that would steal everyone's heart.

Winston's first halloween costume.

Winston was featured in the newspaper when
he was 1 year old to help Adopt-A-Pet.

Winston shows his enthusiasm in this photo. 
It was Webster's 1st Halloween party.
He is wearing Winston's costume from the year before.

We have Webster because Winston needed a playmate and someone to keep him company while we were at work.  Webster is a cousin in Winston's bloodline.  Winston was bigger than Webster for only a short time.

We started the web cam back in 2000.  Winston & Webster were young and full of mischief.  Here the cat (Jasper) watches as Webster pulls the toy box around the den with Winston inside the box!  Then he dumps Winston out.  They also tore up some furniture, Winston would open the zipper and Webster would pull out the stuffing.  What a team!  Since the internet was young and this was one of the early web cams they had a large following.  We would get emails from around the world especially France.  Winston & Webster were even the subject of a Brazilian newspapaer story.
Winston wasn't always photogenic but some turned out pretty nice.

Winston & Jasper hug.  He even loved cats.

Winston really enjoyed camping. 
Just saying "We are going camping" would have him bouncing around the house. 
Winston loved birthdays...

Winston's 13th birthday

Other birthdays...

Winston travels the country 
It is comforting to remember all our fun times together.  We must say goodbye for now,  but....  Maybe in some other time & place we can do this again !

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